Brave Duo: Oaksnatcher and Mountaincrasher - set of natural bar soaps

Our Brave Duo, a wallet-friendly set, consists of the Oaksnatcher and Mountaincrasher soaps. The bars take perfect care of a man's body, hair, beard, and moustache.

Oaksnatcher and Mountaincrasher have decided to join forces and now they're even more affordable. Any urban lumberjack will gladly welcome the two at his hut and let them do the job – namely, take care of the entire body and pamper the hair, beard, and moustache. Chop, chop, chop! Brave Duo is a unique gift for a man you like, love, and/or respect. And listen, man – as far as you're concerned, there's no need to wait until your lady makes the first step; you might as well go and get a little gift yourself. Good for your health, good for your looks.

How Oaksnatcher works
Oaksnatcher was the first product made by Four Starlings specifically for men. A modern man is (or wishes to be) both a tough man and a pampered boy, a wild guy and a posh gentleman. And that's exactly what this product is – it successfully combines the qualities that at first glance seem to be mutually exclusive. The black charcoal layer of the soap washes the skin thoroughly after any manly adventure, survival expedition, or a shopping run. The green layer made with laurel oil softens up any macho man with its unique, ethereal, mysterious aroma and pampers his tired skin. The soap can be used on the entire body.

How Mountaincrasher works
The ingredient list is similar to that of our hair soap; it's recognised for a high content of castor oil, which, on the other hand, is famous for its incredible powers: nourishing, strengthening, and making the hair nice and shiny. It also causes the lather to be intense and creamy. So first, Mountaincrasher pampers and strengthens the beard and moustache. Second, the bar smells beautifully, courtesy of natural essential oils: lavender, pine, and mint. The three oils combined create a slightly woody, a bit floral, and freshening scent. And yet that's not all there is – the oils that make Mountaincrasher exhibit strong antiseptic and germicidal properties; men's facial hair happens to be the perfect place for bacteria to thrive with no constraints. Remember last night's saucy kebab at 4 AM? Not really, huh? Well, we thought so.

To sum things up, by washing your beard, moustache, and sideburns with Mountaincrasher, you take care of both their condition and looks, you smell great and feel go-gettery, and you make sure you're clean and hygienic.

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