We're based in the Polish region of Podlasie (“land by the forest”). We make natural cosmetics, which pride themselves on simple formulas with a local twist. Their mission is to work phenomenally, smell pretty, and be skin- and planet-friendly. Live well, be well!!

Natural ingredients

Produkty rzemieślnicze

Handcrafted products

Przyjazne dla środowiska


Natural, eco-friendly bar soaps

We're Four Starlings, the Soapmakers, a Polish manufacturer of natural cosmetics and a fast-growing cosmetic brand based in Białystok, in the Polish region of Podlasie. Although we're getting bigger and bigger (and there's way more than the four of us at this point), we stay true to the original principles we laid down at the very start – when we were just a family workshop, making soap in the privacy of our bathroom. Intentionally, as we grow, we don't let the distance between us and the customers grow – between Starlings and you – because we like to keep close whoever welcomes our products into their home. We're not always 100% serious, so it's hard to get bored with us. Or get bored of us.

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