Ceramic soap dish - rectangular

Soap dishes made by the Baobab studio are small, colourful pieces of art – all hand-made, none exactly the same as the other. It's best to grab one together with one of our soaps. What a wonderful gift idea! :)

A one-of-a-kind glazed clay soap dish is made specially for us by our dear friends at the Baobab studio, in the Polish region of Podlasie. Every single soap dish is made by hand, so there are no two identical ones. The soap dishes are made with clay slabs that first get cut to the right shape. Then their edges are rolled up to form rims and clay buttons are added to keep the soap off the bottom of the dish. The buttons prevent the bar from getting too soft too quickly. Also, they just look proper nice. Our dish soaps are available in many colours, so just pick your favourite from the list.

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