Brave Duo 2.0

Say hi to Brave Duo 2.0 – it's our Detoxifying shampoo bar paired with the Cedar and Patchouli cream deodorant. These belong to our bestselling categories, so we're positive they'll win your hearts; especially the hearts of men, since the fragrance, formula, function and looks of these cosmetics do seem to match their taste. Although not exclusively theirs :)

Brave Duo 2.0 contains two cosmetic products that work perfectly as a base of a minimalist routine, male or otherwise. Both the bar and the deodorant are filled with the scent of cedar and patchouli – a uniquely remarkable, savoury blend.


Detoxifying shampoo bar

This is our environmentally conscious way of taking care of those who need thorough cleansing. So that would be, um... practically everyone. The bar contains activated bamboo charcoal, which ensures a natural deep clean of the scalp, removing any toxins and excess sebum – thus preventing greasy hair, reducing the risk of dandruff, and soothing any redness or irritation. The effects of this thorough cleanse are: increased hair volume and (at last!) unobstructed hair lift at the roots, combined with lightness and bounciness of the strands. Just like with the rest of our bars, the Detoxifying shampoo lathers phenomenally, lasts for a really long time, and agrees with the less waste lifestyle. The formula is suitable for all sorts of hair, and the fresh, foresty scent of natural essential oils satisfies every nose.


Cedar and Patchouli cream deodorant

Our deodorant is a healthy alternative to antiperspirants, it absorbs moisture impeccably, fights unpleasant odour, and even soothes irritation – without blocking the natural sweating process. On the ingredient list you'll find, among other things: potato starch, arrowroot, white clay, diatomaceous earth, and magnesium carbonate. Their common denominator is that they all absorb moisture effectively, sweat included. The mixture of high-quality oils conditions very sensitive skin of the armpits, making it nourished, soothed, and regenerated. The Cedar and Patchouli variant of our deodorant should be of interest to those who love refreshing, foresty, truly pleasant, and at the same time inoffensive scents.

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