Travel set

Hi, we've just packed your travel bag. Look inside to find our Travel Set – it's compact, versatile, natural and zero-waste. A perfect companion for all your adventures, it's super handy on a camper van journey, at a campsite, and on a plane. The set takes care of the body from head to toe, takes up next to no space, fits into your hand luggage, and, last but not least, does it all zero-waste-style. Enjoy the travel size minis: all-purpose shampoo bar, citrus-herbal cream deodorant, nourishing Supercream, and Flax and Chamomile soap.

All-purpose shampoo bar (30 g / 1 oz) – a convenient, efficient, environmentally friendly alternative to traditional shampoos. The handy formula is made and packed zero-waste-style, perfect for everyday haircare and for every hair type. Natural cleaning agents derived from coconut oil make sure the hair is clean and stays fresh for a long time. Gentle, conditioning ingredients keep the hair healthy, shiny and lifted at the roots. And let's not forget the gorgeous citrusy scent, brought to you solely by natural green lemon and geranium essential oils. What's important is that the waterless formula of our shampoo doesn't classify as a liquid in your hand luggage.

Citrus-herbal cream deodorant (15 ml / 0.5 oz) – the product absorbs moisture effectively, fights unpleasant odour, and provides a sense of comfort – all in harmony with nature, without blocking the natural and necessary sweating process. On the ingredient list you'll find both absorbing agents (e.g. sodium bicarbonate, arrowroot, diatomaceous earth, and white clay) and something to pamper your sensitive armpits too (oils, shea butter, and vitamin E). The citrus-herbal variant of our deodorant should be of interest to those who love fresh, energising, really pleasant yet subtle fragrances. The product is incredibly efficient – the small jar will last you about one month.

Supercream (15 ml / 0.5 oz) – its power lies in the simple yet well-formulated ingredient list and unique texture. It absorbs quickly, nourishes the skin intensely, and gives off a beautiful scent of orange and boswellia. The versatile formula makes the cream suitable for all sorts of skin types and for both the face (even as a makeup base) and the entire body. We're sure that those who prefer simple, versatile cosmetics to complex, time-consuming skincare will take a liking to our Supercream. It's a perfect family cream and the right candidate for all sorts of adventures – when working out the formula, we really wanted to make one product that ticks the most of skincare boxes. Ta-da! Supercream does the job.

Flax and Chamomile soap (15 g / 0.5 oz) – it boasts a high content of flaxseed oil, shea butter and cocoa butter that leaves the skin not just thoroughly clean but also softened, smoothed, and nourished; or, to put it simply, chilled out. Thanks to its soothing properties, the bar is a perfect element of everyday skincare routine for troublesome, allergy-prone, and dry skin types. Some enjoy using the soap to wash their face, because it doesn't make the skin feel tight or dry, and at the same time does a great job washing off makeup that didn't get fully removed.

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