Love set

If you're looking for a gift for someone (very) dear to your heart, our Love set is the right choice. It's three body care products buzzing with aphrodisiacs: bestselling massage oil, aromatic massage candle, and nice and thick liquid soap – all united by the exact same fragrant blend of grapefruit and patchouli notes. Together, the trio make a sensual combo that guarantees good moments – for at least one person :)

The Love set consists of:

Love oil – apart from its pleasant, velvety texture ideal for a massage, it also boasts an abundance of nourishing and conditioning qualities. These spring from ingredients like avocado oil, which soothes and calms the body. The formula helps retain an optimal level of moisture, nourishes the skin, and – because it's largely compatible with natural skin lipids – it repairs the natural skin lipid barrier. The Love oil also contains watermelon seed oil, sweet almond oil and sesame oil, which absorb instantly and are well-tolerated by the skin; they stimulate (pun intended) microcirculation in the skin, nourish and regenerate the body, and soothe irritation. Last but not least, they deliver beneficial vitamins and minerals the skin may be deficient in.

Love candle – ingeniously designed to work in two ways. It can be used as both a regular candle (which obviously smells like love) and a massage oil. Just light the wick and wait a few minutes until the wax melts all over the surface. Then let it cool down a little, pour a bit of the melted wax onto your hand, and then massage the warm, gentle oil into the skin. It's an extremely pleasant and relaxing ritual – not to mention how sensual it feels :)

Love liquid soap – it's lovingly poured by us into a glass bottle and equipped with a useful pump. Convenient to apply and easy to distribute, the soap creates an optimal amount of lather and provides a deep cleanse. Literally just a little drop is enough to wash your hands thoroughly, although Love does an equally excellent job as a shower gel too – not only because of its practical form, but also (and most importantly) because of its intense, heavenly aroma.

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