Face Set

Face Set from Four Starlings is a set of five mini products for comprehensive face care. Perfect for travel, perfect to test before getting yourself full-sized versions.

Face Set is our answer to the requests of all those who prefer to test everything before buying full-size face care products and check it out on their own skin :) It is also a great compact and comprehensive option. Because: it will work best when traveling, and at the same time it will take care of every step of care. In addition, we packed everything in a beautiful pouch bag, sewn in Poland.

The kit includes:

Carrot and Orange Hydrophilic Cleansing Oil (15 ml) - a golden-colored mixture of the highest quality oils enriched with hydrophilic emulsifiers, which, when mixed with warm water, turns into a light, milky balm. It thoroughly and effectively removes impurities and additionally nourishes skin and eliminates the problem of drying. It works great both solo and in a two-step cleansing.

Clover Flower - face oil serum (5 ml) - a concentrated injection of positive energy and a set of values without which it is difficult to imagine natural and effective skin care. In the bottle you will find: youth, beauty, freshness, joy and health as well as brightening effect. All thanks to the combination of beneficial oils with vitamin C (at a concentration of 2%), as well as aloe macerate, clover macerate and rose petal macerate. Richly.

Edelweiss - face acid serum (5 ml) - a product filled with beneficial ingredients literally to the brim. Created on the basis of rose hydrolate (known for its moisturizing and soothing effect), combined with iconic skin care ingredients: mandelic, lactobionic and hyaluronic acid. These took on intense hydration and mild exfoliation. Used regularly, the product unifies the skin tone and helps to reduce the visibility of discoloration or minor scars.
PS Do not use oil serum and acid serum at the same time (read: after each other). However, you can safely use the products one day apart.

Light Fruit face cream (10 ml) - its appetizing name represents exactly what we find inside, i.e. a light formula full of fruits in the form of two different substances - oils and extracts. Both oils (peach, raspberry, currant, strawberry and apple seeds) and extracts (apple, strawberry and raspberry) revitalize, regenerate and nourish the skin, and the antioxidants contained in them protect the skin against free radicals.

Nourishing Vegetable face cream (10 ml) - owes its highly nourishing formula to oils from the seeds of locally occurring vegetables and natural extracts. The thick, velvety texture is pleasantly applied to the skin and quickly absorbed, leaving it smooth and soft. Used regularly, the cream perfectly moisturizes and evens out skin tone. It smells delicate and a bit sweet and... tasty.

If you prefer lighter formulas in the morning, use the Fruit Cream, and the Vegetable Cream will provide you with more intensive nourishment in the evening.

100% cotton, dimensions 16x21 cm, handles 2.5x33 cm

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