Our History

Why Four Starlings, the Soapmakers? The genesis.

The things that are happening around us right now at Four Starlings would never be possible if one day Magda and Tomek Kudaszewicz hadn't come to the conclusion that making natural cosmetics could be so much fun – and a good way to relax, especially for people who'd always liked to use their own hands and choosing simple, healthy, natural things in life. In the beginning they drew inspiration from the minimalist Norwegian approach to cosmetics and body care in general. Some of their first handmade products were bar soaps, which they used themselves and shared with family and friends. Then they expanded their home manufacture and started making other cosmetics, until it became clear that a company basically set itself up in the process, with people asking for more and more. They craved new products, wanted to use them and test them out on their own skin.

All right, so these are the origins of the company – but where do the starlings come in?

Number four reflects the four family members that created the company: Magda, Tomek (you've already heard about them), and their two sons: Jurek and Józio (the youngest starlings in our team, the fussiest testers, and the strictest quality control duo at the same time). As for the starlings, one day they flew over to the Kudaszewicz's balcony, made a good impression, and became a natural (and literal) inspiration for the brand. They are beautiful, smart and clever birds – how fitting ;)

What still amazes us (and sometimes simply moves us) is the fact that practically everything that's going on at Four Starlings right now is a reflection of the decisions and moves we made in the past. Creating the formulas, searching for ideas, testing out the cosmetics ourselves, describing and selling them, designing the labels, packing the orders, talking to customers, finding the style and vibe of the brand – paradoxically, we still do all of these things practically the exact same way we did when we first started.