We at Four Starlings have always stuck to a few simple rules. One, our cosmetic formulas are effective and well thought out yet uncomplicated. Two, they're as versatile as can be, mostly vegan, always people-, animal- and planet-friendly – friendly all around. Three, they're based on natural materials locally sourced by yours truly whenever possible, as we strive to support our fellow Polish entrepreneurs. Four, when making our cosmetics, we use traditional recipes and artisan production methods, sometimes backed with modern technology that helps us thrive. Five, our every product is enriched with a special tweak – like an inconspicuous yet invaluable ingredient, or a forgotten, potent local plant, or a newly discovered extract. Last but not least, we like to make it all fun and do things our way, not the trendy way.

Apart from the formulas themselves, we're extremely passionate about packaging too. Ever since we sold our first bar of soap, we've been packing the products zero-waste-style – using paper, glass, and recycled materials. Starlings are also into good design, so we make sure our packaging is always visually refined, colourful, and simply pleasing to the eye.

We're very fond of people, and so ever since our humble beginnings we've been trying to keep the closest possible relationship with them. Listening to them, talking to them, and learning from their feedback helps us grow; and the more we grow, the more good we can bring into the world – which is pretty convenient, because we enjoy helping others. We're happy to lead social campaigns that benefit people, animals, the environment and art, but we also show support to those who know better how to run these things.