Massage glove

Our exfoliating massage glove is designed as a double-duty accessory – which is hinted at by two different types of fabric, one on each side of the glove. One side is covered with natural luffa (AKA loofah), a rough plant-derived material. It exfoliates and massages the skin, so it's great to use together with a scrub or our Savon Noir soap. You can also just pick a convenient Relax set.

The other side is sewn with soft bamboo terry. You can use it to remove makeup with oil or other cleansing product. It also works as a gentle body washcloth.

Directions: Massage the entire body in a circular motion with the exfoliating side of the glove; you can use it in the shower together with a scrub. The rough, loofah-covered side is also suitable for dry body brushing. CAREFUL: Do not use the exfoliating layer on your face.

Apart from being practical, our glove is also super pretty ;) Hang it in the shower as a beautiful decor piece!

Made in Poland.

Composition: natural luffa, bamboo terry

Trimming: 100% cotton

Wash manually or in a washing machine at no more than 30°C/86°F (no spin cycle), having put the glove in a wash bag.

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